About Bitcoin Fashion

Bitcoin Fashion (BTCF) is the #1 favorable marketplace in the crypto leeway that enable crypto traders to do shopping online with their cryptocurrencies on our shopping platform and make payment easily using our flexible contract on the blockchain technology.

Bitcoin Fashion delivers you the easiest and smarter shopping way to purchase your choice of wears for your loved ones such as kids, men, and women and including speedy shipping to your home of country.

We developed cryptocurrency to enhance day to day commerce on the blockchain technology and for better shopping transparency and goods tracking on the delivery. Our platform capitalizes a very good relief to make payment in a native currency like USD, EUR, & GBP which is automatically converted to BTCF coin/token on our platform.


Key features of Bitcoin Fashion

Establish a secure decentralize marketplace

We esteemed the safety of our shoppers and encrypt our payment technique both on the blockchain and fiat.

Solving cryptocurrencies problem

We brought in crypto enthusiasts & traders spend their wallets on our protocol without required to exchange it to fiat first.

Shopping Account

We respected the privacy of our shoppers and KYC is made compulsory for each user in order for us to meet the regulation standards.


Why Choose Bitcoin Fashion?

We recognized in a modern world of blockchain, which helps us to lunch the best-awaited marketplace for crypto lovers and traders. We developed it very carefully to make it better attractive, useful, responsive to any kind of device, and user friendly.

Protected User Data

We protect our user data and honor their privacy.

Low fee & Additional of Payment Options

With BTCF token, you will be eligible to shop on our platform without increased fees/charges and track your transaction with the support of our flexible contract. You can adequately choose any currency you want among fiat and crypto alternatives on the payment method which automatically revamped to BTCF token.

Shop With Us Safely

Our BTCF flexible contract guarantees that your fund goes to the companies' account only after the item was moved to a goods tracking system and we guarantee our customers have the privilege to reimburse goods purchased once the condition is within our return policy.


Bitcoin Fashion (BTCF) was built as a global shopping mart for all traders and crypto enthusiasts which gave additional useful cryptocurrencies to the world. Customers can do direct shopping with us without converting their cryptocurrency into fiat first.

Global Marketplace:

Our protocol enabled all crypto traders to handily do shopping anywhere in the world.

Be Safe and Secure:

We guarantee our payment processor is encrypted with the use of flexible contract on the blockchain technology.

Decentralize Payment Systems

Any received payments in fiat and any additional cryptocurrencies are revamped instantly to BTCF token before sealing customer order which solidifies the evolution of our token.

Protocol UI

Our protocol user interface is well designed and friendly with any kind of device.

BTCF Tokens

Our Tokens with a real-world use case developed on the blockchain network.

Sales Information

Public Sale Starts 20th Aug 2020
Public Sale Ends 23rd September 2020
Total Token Supply 7,000,000 BTCF
Tokens Allocated for ICO/IEO 3,600,000 BTCF
Hard Cap $1.38m
Soft Cap $400k
Token Value 1 ETH = 1,100 BTCF
Accepted ETH (Ether)

ICO Sale End In

Currently On Private Sale
Raised so far $338,100 USD
Soft Cap $400k
Hard Cap $1.38m
BUY Now Minimum Purchase: 0.02 ETH
45% Bonus
End at 23rd Aug, 2020
Start at 23rd Aug, 2020

BTCF Whitepaper


Read the Whitepaper

Our main goal is to established global marketplace for all crypto enthusiasts and traders to shop online with their cryptocurrencies in anywhere in the world without exchange to fiat before shopping.

The roadmap to success

What are our major goals?

Our market strategy will prioritize blockchain technology rollout to utilities based on their transformation. View our roadmap to see how exactly we are making that happen.

October 2019 - May 2020 Concept development



July - September 2020 Website Launch
  • Website launched
  • Whitepaper released
  • Private sale start
  • Airdrop start
  • MVP/Prototype launched
  • Public sale start
28th Of September 2020 Token Listed
  • Exchange open on the 28th
10th of December 2020 Beta MVP Fully launched
Q2 2021 Mobile App launch

Release our mobile apps for beta testing to our members community

Q3 2021 Launching of Web wallet
Q4 2021 Partnership with more than 20 couriers
Q2 2022 New web design release
Q4 2022 BTCF Mainnet launch

Core Team

Jeffrey Scott
CEO & Founder
Alan Craig
CTO & Software Engineer
Harold Douglas
Sr.Backend developer
Amelia Roberth
Sales Operational Manager


Below we’ve provided a bit of information about BTCF token and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch via email.

What is Bitcoin Fashion?

Bitcoin Fashion (BTCF) is the #1 favorable marketplace in the crypto leeway that enable crypto traders to do shopping online with their cryptocurrencies on our shopping platform and make payment easily using our flexible contract on the blockchain technology.

BTCF is a payment token which will be used on our marketplace as a payment method, cashback, and rewards. This token only accepted at the final submission of order. BTCF token can also be converted into other crypto coins or traditional currencies on various exchanges.

Ethereum (Ether) is the only currency accepted

Register and login to your account, then click on Buy Token button to and follow the instructions given to you.

Yes, is required to meet up with the regulation standard of the company and well recognized world wide. To do KYC, please login and click on "DO KYC" button and follow instructions to get your account approved.

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